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Sell  & Trade  Lego

Bulk Bricks

These are loose bricks, not assembled into sets.  We appraise bulk based on a few things:

Cleanliness- Try to remove any garbage or non-LEGO® items that you can. (i.e. Crayons, other toys)

Purity- How much of the collection is LEGO® brand.  Try to remove any non-LEGO® building bricks (mega bloks, knex, etc.)


Make sure minifigs are clean and free of broken pieces, like cracked torsos or arms.  If you know how they should be put together, try to complete them as accurately as possible.

Used Sets

Try to bring sets in already built.  This way we can quickly assess the completeness of the set.  If you have instructions and boxes that's great, but not required to sell!

Looking to sell or trade?

Please contact us to make an appointment before bringing items in.  To schedule an appointment call us during business hours at 541-970-4684 or click the contact us button below. 

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